Festival: A Night at the Oscars for Parents
Publication date: 12 June 2012
Festival: A Night at the Oscars for Parents
At Campoverde, we like to demonstrate our appreciation for our mothers and fathers in the way that they deserve. And so our students, together with their teachers, prepared the festival “A Night at the Oscars” for them. Just as the American Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences recognizes excellence in moving making, on this occasion our students awarded OSCARs to their parents.

 The themes from Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Mission Impossible and The Bodyguard were just some of the songs that our students danced to as a demonstration of affection for all family members present.

The event ended in the way which has now become a tradition for the school, with students from 12th grade closing the show in what will be their last performance in a Campoverde festival.

Thank you parents for joining us, we hope you really enjoyed your Oscar Night.