Conference "Love can do Anything" by Hanns Myhulots
Publication date: 17 April 2012
Conference "Love can do Anything" by Hanns Myhulots

All that attended the conference “Love can do Anything”  given by Hanns Myhulots were pleased and grateful.

An impressive story of a life immersed in social and family conflicts, which the author lived through, and of how important it is for parents to focus on expressing their  love to their children.

Hanns, in his evening conference, shared with parents tips and red alerts as to how to detect a drug addiction problem at home. During the morning he had a talk with students of junior high and high school which we are sure will make them reflect on the enormous risks of getting involved with drugs.

It is without a doubt that those of us who shared with him this very albeit crude but real experience, will ever be able to forget the sad existence of those that live in the world of drugs.

This year we had planned on trying to reinforce family ties, therefore, our next conferences will continue to targeted to achieving this goal.