Our Pets
At Kinderland, our first pet was "Jiminy Cricket", a character loved by children, and typical of a kindergarten. Symbol of the good conscience of the individual which is what we want with our students, we want to positively influence them, to become good citizens. Since 1980, the image changed, because not only were kindergarten, we had a primary now, and soon there would be more sections, so... to be updated. Through a call, our students were invited to the animal chose to represent as closely as possible to our school and sports equipment, and did the Owl: beautiful, mystical night owl, symbol of knowledge and wisdom that every morning waited for us before to start our classes at the entrance, along with his partner, in the old tamarind tree branches. Since then, our sports teams are proudly "Campoverde Owls". "FERPY": was the name of our pet, it was possible thanks to the participation of all the CAMPI students, FERPY was derived from the slogan of "FAIR PLAY". We want that our students apply Fair play in sports as well as in life. In this way, our "OWL FERPY" is not simply the name of a pet, it also reflects the ideology of our spirit.