High School
Campoverde High school has a total of 40 hours of class per week and our school has a general curricula with expertise areas at its fifth and sixth semesters. The academic load varies between 10 and 12 subjects by semester. Campoverde school is incorporated to the Ministry of Education of the State of Colima, which allows our graduates continue their studies at any University in any city. ADMISSION PROCESS Admission for Campoverde Secondary school students is automatic. Students from other high schools must present a diagnostic test and should have a personal interview with the director to get their results. This test does have a passing or failing note, but reflects the level of the student, compared to what we require in the first semester of school. The cumulative average required for secondary school is 8.0. The results are given by the Director of the school and the candidate must be present. SYSTEM OF GRANTS During the month of April application forms are given to the school community. The requirements for this procedure are basically the realization of socio-economic study, the complete filling of the application form, and demonstrate a school average of 8.5.