Education System
High School
Campoverde school is incorporated to the Ministry of Education of the State of Colima, which allows our graduates to continue their studies at the college of their choice. In addition, our school is bivalent, it covers the agenda of a general school, and in the last two semesters the student has the opportunity to meet and move to what will be his professional calling, selecting one of the 4 areas of expertise: Chemical, Biologist, Physics-Mathematical, Economic, Administrative, besides Humanities and Social Sciences. Handled in Campoverde 2 levels of English and French is taught in all three grades of high school, so that in the third, to achieve certification Delf. It is required to approve the First Certificate of Cambridge to begin the study of German. Mandarin will be taught since first grade of High School. Students begin the study of foreign language at the level found at the time of admission to school. Campoverde has a high recognition and prestige among Mexican Universities , a situation that translates into excellence scholarships available for our graduates who have secured a profile of excellence recognized by the most important Universities in Mexico.