What is High School?
Campoverde conceived High School as one of the best stages in the life of a person and strive to make this happen in all aspects. In a context of high performance work, rather than looking only for happy students, our goal is to graduate people proud of themselves and their achievements. Our high academic standards, allows youth to develop in a very healthy, fun and within a context designed taking into account their interests and supporting their initiatives. Freedom with responsibility are considered the most balanced way of integrating a personality and this is reflected in our regulations and demand levels, both in academic as well as personal and moral aspects of our students. In Campoverde, our youth need not be special somehow. If they can be themselves in an authentic manner, it is an achievement and friendship ties that are created by people with these characteristics, persist for the rest of their lives... High School Schedules Classes from Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 14:30 hrs. Campus Manzanillo's schedules goes from 6:45 to 14:30 hrs.