Integral Education
Jr. High School
Jr. High School tends to promote the overall development of adolescents, in order to do this, we designed a series of educational activities based on two fundamental criteria: careful attention of high academic standards and the study of each area of knowledge, and extracurricular activities that complement school education, as: EDH (Stimulating Thinking Skills), stimulates the development of thought processes, essential in the learning of our students. Values. Promoting values in students is a daily practice and constant occupation in Campoverde. We also have a weekly class in which values are taught by the example administrators of the College and help to strengthen and enhance their own value systems. Computer Class. In the first two grades, this class becomes an excellent tool to support the area of mathematics. With the reinforcement of this area it is intended that our students achieve the certification offered by Microsoft Office, once they have reached the goals set by Microsoft. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Throughout the school year we conduct a series of activities so our students perform tasks of organization and management, which serves as a valuable experience in their subsequent educational and professional development. To fully achieve these objectives, we organize camps, tours, travel, training-intensive activities enjoyed by our students, and that continually promotes Campoverde. Social events, art and culture during the school year are many and varied and involves all the students enthusiastically, as a fundamental part of their training. Constantly looking for the integral development of our students, Campoverde offers a range of sports, arts and cultural activities that our students can practice in the evenings, through clubs and workshops run by specialist coaches and teachers, contributing with their development. Among these are: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Cheerleading. Special Events: 1. Mexican Night 2. Halloween 3. Day of the Dead 4. Christmas Festival 5. Literary Week 6. Golden Owls 7. Disguise Day 8. Thanksgiving Day Other Services: -Medical services: The Doctor who works full time in Campoverde, provides professional and timely attention to our students. Therefore she is always on the lookout for their health, hygiene and development. -We have during school hours, private security personnel.