Integral Education
The development of our students is ensured by a wide range of institutional programs that effectively complement the contents of academic subjects in Spanish and English and provide the child with a quality and variety of activities during the day. Stimulation and development of Skills (EDH). It is a program designed to encourage the development of reasoning skills and learning of our students, proposing a series of challenges with which children learn effective ways to solve problems. This program is taught by a specialist in the field, in this area we use fun and innovative materials, which have demonstrated their effectiveness and importance to keep our children constantly engaged in overcoming their own limitations. Art. The education of the sensitivity of children is a huge and rewarding task, which is assumed with taste and respect in our school. The drawing, painting, modeling and crafts are tasks that children attend with pleasure and they smotivate their creativity and confidence about what they can do with their own hands and served as an important vehicle for stimulating their fine motor skills. The Reading Corner (From First to Third grade). This workshop fosters children's early habit of reading, based on games, readings and fun activities that make small students have a natural contact with Joyful books. Drama Class. (From fourth to sixth grade) Here, the classroom arises as a theater and complement the Reading Corner. Children in higher grades learn to express themselves through the formal language, performing their own scripts, creating their sets and representing their work to diverse audiences. Music Class (From first to third grade). Music education adequately complements the vocation of our institution to make every child a sensitive person to the arts. Music education has a more playful than technical focus, and aims to awake in the children their natural taste for music. Values. They have been established as an institutional annual program. In that sense, the subject, who has been taught in our college since its founding, especially given the task of carrying out a comprehensive work towards the strengthening of our institutional and universal values. In this way, Campoverde endorses its belief that the best way to acquire values is by living them. The values program includes; Monthly mottos about the values we live throughout the Spirit of Campoverde. All universal values where the common well, harmony, order, organization and good work are included. A class where we reflect on the different values and the importance and consequences they have. We have implemented three important value programs: a)Campoverde is greener. Here students learn the importance of recycling and building a better world for the next generations. b)5’s+1; A program in which students learn to be mentally and physically well organized. The permanent observation that teachers do to students verifying their personal and social development , throughout the resolution of conflicts in a pacific way. Everything related with the Campoverde Spirit. c)Special Events; Every month we celebrate one different event, every event is developed and concluded by the students at the same time they work on the morning curricula, in this way our students learn to work on several things at the same time, giving as a result that our students learn to manage high quality standards. By mean of these special events, our students learn to work in teams, to stand up and speak in front of large audiences, and learn to solve problems and conflicts. Physical Education has been a constant requirement that it is to encourage our children in a harmonious development of their physical and motor skills. Physical education classes promote respect, self-confidence and teamwork to achieve a goal as a team. Other services available to the section: Computer Center, Auditorium, Visual Arts Room, Cafeteria, Security, Medical Service.