What is Elementary?
Throughout the history of our school, Primary Section has been proposed to provide a holistic, bilingual and excellent education, motivated by the conviction that the school plays, at this age, a fundamental role, in the formation and transformation of people. Our children cope with different challenges every day, these challenges make them grow daily, and will shape its spirit and form habits that will enable them to cope with their academic success. To do this we advertise on our high expectations for student´s life, encouraging their social and emotional intelligence (behavior, attitudes, motivation, commitment to school, and high self-esteem). We promote the use of imagination and creative power for achieving goals and solving problems. Our academic efforts are designed to train students to be able to manage their own learning process, which dominates the search strategies and information processing, which dominates the search strategies and information processing, in this way our students are ready to learn, with a special care for details and a joyful approach to the acquisition of knowledge. Therefore, the Campoverde Elementary Department has achieved excellent results in the Quality School Test Competition, as well as in the ENLACE examination that year after year the Ministry of Education promotes in the state of Colima. The ENLACE information can be verified in the following web page: www.enlace.sep.gob.mx English: In primary we have a bilingual program, meaning that half of the day is devoted to develop in our students the four basic skills that will enable them to communicate properly in English. In our programs, we put special emphasis on the development of four communicative skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing in English. From this view, learning in English is a natural and progressive way. Our English teachers will continue to receive supervision and support of external staff specially trained, ensuring that there is a continuous monitoring and the feedback ensures that we are following the right path. Our students have achieved a high level of English, therefore, many of them obtain the International University of Cambridge Certification. Elementary School Schedules Classes go from Monday through Friday. 1st and 2nd year from 7:30 to 14:00 hrs. 3rd and 4th year from 7:15 to 14:10 hrs. 5th and 6th year from 7:00 to 14:20 hrs.