Integral Education
In Preschool Section we developed a series of programs aimed at comprehensive development of children. Among the most important are: Motor skill. This is one of the areas in which we put special care and attention. It invites the child to learn, explore and express through the body expression, a series of activities specifically designed to encourage their development and psychomotor knowledge and appreciation of his own body. This program is one of the most important foundation for further academic and personal development of children. Arts. It is a space for exploration of sensitive areas that all kids have. In Art class, children learn to express themselves through art, while developing a number of important motor skills. Music. Singing, movement and art are activities of expression and communication that our children do and that encourages and fosters Campoverde. Our children can create and admire the most beautiful of human beings: the artistic creation. Values. Campoverde has always worried about having a program of experiential learning and values that takes place in everyday life, drawing on the experiences and everyday situations to instill in our students the habits and values that should govern their lives. The example of teachers and Parents at home plays an important role in an effective Rate. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive education in order to form happy, successful and good willed boys and girls. We know how to do it. Physical Education. Through integrated activities of the different recreational events, students develop their potential for action driving their body schema and integrates promoting attitudes and values such as trust, security, self, respect for others and teamwork. These activities allow as to channel their energies into action for their development, according to the principle "healthy mind in healthy body." Extended hours. For those parents needing to pick up their children an hour later departure time, we have gymnastics, pre-sports, cheerleaders, games & songs activities, everything well integrated in scholastic programs which develop new skills in our students. Other services available to the section are: Computer Center, Auditorium, Gym for Psychomotor, Arts, Surveillance and Medical Service.