What is Preschool?
In Preschool we aim to develop in our children their full potential through special programs designed for each grade enriched annually with technical and innovative educational psychology. Through the psychomotor stimulation, songs and games, individual and group activities, art, science, health, the computer software, values, music and EDH, the child is able to simultaneously develop their social conscience, his own ego and his intellect. During the kindergarten, our students are able to structure mathematical concepts from the quotidian and concrete, discovering activities supported with the most modern materials, allowing them to reflect and build relationships that lead to the logical processes of the formal abstract thinking. English Nursery and Kinder I, have an "English Immersion Program" all day. The program we developed is based on the holistic philosophy (Holistic Approach). This program integrates interesting situations, realistic and practices that help students to acquire communication skills, based on sensory motor experiences and oral repetition. The variety of learning materials helps children to use different grammatical structures, as well as the ability to expand their vocabulary and ability to listen and understand the second language through stories, rhymes, songs and storytelling. In Kindergarten and Kinder-II, the English we use with our students 50% of the time, which allows them to start learning reading and writing in English and graduating kindergarten reading and writing in both languages. Preschool Schedules Classes from Monday through Friday, Kinder 1 from 8:30 to 13:20 hrs. Kinder 2 and Pre-Elementary School from 8:00 to 13:20 hrs.