What is Nursery?
The early stages in the development of children have a great importance for further development in their life. Nursery stage is when the child begins to discover himself, and he is acquiring the habits and values that will accompany the little kid during the rest of his/her life. Therefore, for over 30 years, our College has offered Nursery level, to assist in the harmonious development of children from 2 to 3 years. We were the first institution in the state of Colima to offer this Service. In Campoverde, Nursery level provides students basically of three types of skills: cognitive, motor and social, these skills are strongly linked. On the cognitive side, Nursery children begin to explore their environment, performing a multitude of activities that stimulate their senses and provide first-hand knowledge about everything that surrounds them. Campoverde has a program specially designed for mobility matters, in this stage of development; the little kids acquire motor thick skills in a natural and funny way. Nursery levels gives our young students an environment to interact with others in a climate of respect, cordiality and solidarity. Each group has only twenty students, which ensures personal attention to children by teachers and nannies. Gradually, the children gain confidence in their own skills and independence to carry out their activities. But above all things, Nursery students learn to enjoy and be happy. English Nursery is handled in an immersive program of English, the teachers communicate with children in full English. This allows our students to get the language in a natural learning way from an early age, to be strengthened in the following grades. Nursery Schedules Classes from Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 13:20 hrs.